Types Of Coffee

Coffee drinks are becoming more and more popular in the world. While Brazil is the country producing the biggest amount of coffee, a lot of other countries are the biggest coffee consumers like Italy, Germany, United States, France or Japan, ect. Coffee is a magical beverage which many people are keen on, and also in some nations, coffee is considered as their outstanding symbol with different types of coffee (such as Italy). 

If you are just a normal coffee drinker, start-up your day by a cup of coffee, you will never pay attention to the coffee drinks world through your daily habit. Have you ever made a question in your mind which kind of coffee you drunk this morning, what are the differences between milk coffee, black coffee or Espresso…? The common answer is mainly “No, I don’t mind” or “I don’t know”. However, to a coffee gourmet, coffee drinks world is an interesting destination that nobody denies to discover. This article will give you fascinating information about common types of coffee, make sure that after reading it, when you go to a coffee shop, you will keep your eyes on whole content of coffee drink list.

Let’s start with the most typical type that everyone knows is black coffee.

Black coffee is coffee usually served without milk or cream. Yet, in fact, drinkers order “black coffee with sugar”, which is also acceptable if they tell clearly which sweetener they want to have. 

Espresso is the second type including condensed or black strong coffee brewed with hot water under pressure through fine ground coffee. Espresso is the typical coffee beverage in Italy.

Cappuccino is also Italian coffee which is divided into 3 parts: espresso, then steamed milk and frothed milk on top. People can also sprinkle powered cocoa or cinnamon on top to be tastier.

Cafe Latte is quite similar, it consists of 2 main parts: espresso and steamed milk. A small topping of foam can be added with coffee syrup.

Macchiato is a kind of coffee having close form with Café Latte, just instead of much steamed milk; foamed milk is added on top.

Caffe Mocha. Cafe Latte or Cappuccino mixed with chocolate syrup become new type of coffee named Caffe Mocha which a lot of drinkers prefer.

Americano is also well-known especially to American. The combination of espresso and hot water creates distinct flavor. 

Irish coffee brings drinkers a new exciting flavor when hot coffee, sugar and cream on top are combined with Irish whiskey. This is the best choice for cold days.

Frappe. Then in summer, once you go to Europe or Latin America, you will have chance to enjoy Frappe in some coffee houses. Instant coffee, sugar, water and ice will be put in a long glass containing ice and milk, all of them will be shaken by a big coffee milkshake.

If you have ever tried Vietnamese style coffee, you also get excitement. People use a metal mesh to drip boiled water through then pass coffee grounds. After 5 minutes, the coffee can be served with sugar, milk or ice.

The list of coffee drinks doesn’t stop here, but these are the most popular ones. If you are eager to find out more, read about coffee on Wikipedia.

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