Keurig B70 Reviews

Keurig B70 Reviews Time to Brew: less than a minute
Cost per K-cup: $0.56
Average rating (1 to 5 stars): 4 stars
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Keurig B70 Coffee Maker Review

When it comes to coffee makers – and single-serve options, at that – one of the brands you should look into is Keurig. They don’t just sell coffee makers. They develop technologies based on science, engineering, and common customer experience. Thus, their products go beyond traditional kitchen appliances. Their Keurig B70, for example, is a perfect way to start a day or even grab a cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. 

Keurig B70 Pros

  • Quieter
  • K-cup technology
  • 4 different brewing sizes
  • Doesn’t break down easily

Keurig B70 Cons

  • Occupies a much bigger space
  • Holds only 60 ounces of water


It’s quiet. 

Some coffee makers, even the single-serve ones, produce a certain level of noise, especially when they’re brewing. However, there are others that are freakishly loud. If you’re bothered by the loudness of Keurig B60 or if you end up waking your dog or the rest of the household when all you want to do is just have a cup of coffee, it’s time to change it to this. 

Look at all the indicators and settings. 

You can have a freshly brewed coffee by a mere press of a button. Meanwhile, if you want to know if there’s already a lot of calcium deposits in the machine, you can take a look at the descale indicator. The LCD panel also includes a digital clock and a customizable on/off setting. Keeping it on all the time means you’ll always have hot water, and you can brew without having to wait for even 15 seconds. The water reservoir, by the way, can hold 60 ounces of water—not as much as the others but enough to still keep the coffee overflowing. 

Hey, it has K-cup. 

A number of coffee makers these days already employ the K-cup technology. To put it simply, the coffee grounds are sealed extensively to ensure the taste and aroma are not affected by outside factors such as oxygen and moisture. As you put the K-cup inside the coffee maker, hot boiling water is used to extract the flavor and taste of these coffee grounds, passing through a reusable filter. In the end, you get nothing but the very rich taste of your preferred coffee. (There are 5 different brew sizes available.)

Moreover, there are around 200 K-cup varieties (or flavors) to pick, so you can definitely find one that truly suits your palette. 

Add a bit of flair into your kitchen. 

Even if kitchen counter space isn’t at a premium, it’s still best to be very smart with your appliance choices. You want to make the most of every free space you have. Truthfully, Keurig B70 takes up a good amount of space, but then again, it’s really gorgeous and contemporary with its black-and-chrome shades. Most of all, it’s something that serves you well. 

Use it many times over. 

Later, this coffee maker is going to give up. It will stop producing great coffee cups every morning, and some of the parts will break down. But before these things happen, you have already maximized your investment. Some users have told of how the coffee maker survived around three years of constant use, brewing a lot of coffee on a daily basis. 

User Reviews

Had it at work that I was very impressed by and we decided that a home machine would nicely fill the need when we might want a cup or two, but might not want to make a full pot.

—Stephen Sarrica,

I have used this coffee maker at work for several months now. I had the B-60 model at home, and this newer model is definitely an improvement.

—R. Toro,

Since going single serve we've never looked back. Yes K-Cup prices keep rising, but our waste has reduced to near zero unlike when brewing the traditional way. 

—Heather A,


These were the Keurig B70 reviews.
  • floridacoffeedrinker says:

    I have gone through 4 of these machines. They work a few months and then stop. I have put in filters, cleaned the machine monthly, used bottled water. It doesn’t change anything. I’m done.

  • Randy says:

    Great idea but breaks continuously. Not a good product. Looking for a better brand. Any ideas?

  • Reba says:

    We bought 2 of these, they worked great for 1 year then we stared having problems with both of them so disappointed , called and did everything they told us to do, its a shame to pay so much for something and it not last, would not recommend to no one,

  • mld says:

    Plastic taste and smell…constant.

    My son tried three Keurig coffee makers and got one that made good coffee.

    I’ve tried several and I’m tired of taking them back to get one that doesn’t have a strong plastic taste.

    From online comments and comments at the store, this seems to be an ongoing problem.

    Noticed the store put the coffee maker I returned back on the shelf for others to buy.

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