CBTL Kaldi S04

CBTL Kaldi S04

How much do you spend on your coffee treats? It’s not really impossible to waste more than a hundred dollars every month, especially if we’re talking about the flavoured gourmet coffees of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Fortunately, such bad financial habit may be cut off once you decide to buy its single-cup coffeemaker called CBTL Kaldi S04. Like Starbucks, CBTL, one of the biggest and franchised coffee shops in the world, has also ventured into retailing fast and excellent handy coffee makers. Now, unless you’re on a business meeting or desires to go out once in a while, you can have your freshly brewed coffee while lounging in your dining or living room.  Though the machine costs close to $200, in the long run, you’ll be able to save a lot of bucks. 

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Kaldi S04 Pros

  • Includes a variety of drinks such as espresso, teas, chocolates, and coffee
  • Is available in several colors like red, silver, and blue
  • Is designed to be sexy and perfect for ay kitchen counter
  • Promotes automatic proportioning
  • Includes control for temperature, diagnostic lights, and twin pressure system
  • Has pods with coffee beans sourced out from the best suppliers

Kaldi S04 Cons

  • Has smaller number of pod options
  • Isn’t available in a lot of stores
  • Pods sometimes get stuck in the coffeemaker
  • Is sometimes loud
  • Comes with a smaller water tank

CBTL Kaldi S04 Features

  • Measures 14.75 inches in width, 10.5 inches in height, and 7 inches in diameter
  • Weighs 13 pounds
  • 40.6 oz water tank
  • Diagnostic lights, electronic temperature control, automatic proportioning
  • Comes in different colors
  • Twin pressure system

Detailed CBTL Kaldi S04 Review

CBTL Kaldi S04 is a well-thought-out machine, especially when it comes to its design. It is heavily inspired by Italian coffeemakers, which are known for their elegance and sexy curves. This one, however, is made even more modern with its sleek shiny finish. You can also get to choose among different vibrant shades, including silver, red, and blue. The dimensions and weight make this single-cup coffeemaker ideal for very limited kitchen spaces. It’s very easy to store and carry. 

Like any single-cup coffeemakers, it relies heavily on pods to produce the coffee you really like. Besides being perfectly sealed, the pods are also filled with coffee beans and other ingredients that have come from some of the best farms in the world. In fact, Kaldi S04 can brew 100 percent coffee Arabica, which is one of the most expensive but delicious out there. Further, the machine has been designed to create other kinds of drinks such as espresso, froth, tea, and chocolate. In the process, you can avoid the unnecessary purchase of more drink machines. 

With regards to technologies, Kaldi S04 is reminiscent of the bulky machines found in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores. It comes with a twin pressure system, so you can regulate the aroma and taste of your coffee very well. The automatic proportioning, meanwhile, aims to provide balance between water and coffee. The diagnostic lights help keep track of the overall health of the device. 

It may sound a coffeemaker you’d like to have around at home—and many can say it does fit the bill—but you still need to know some of its limitations. For example, it isn’t blessed with the biggest water tank. While a Keurig can have close to 50 ounces, this one only has 40.6 ounces. Simply put, you produce fewer coffee cups in one brew. Moreover, even if you can leave it for a while as it creates coffee, the sound it emits may sometimes be uncomfortable or annoying. 

Amazon carries the single-cup coffeemaker, but you may not be able to see more units unless you visit any of the CBTL stores in the country. The pods are also available there. 

User Reviews

I had a few issues with the machine I received, but the exceptional technical support and customer service of CBTL saved the day and now I am enjoying my coffee and tea each day. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to try the single cup brewer method. It does make a perfect cup of coffee or tea.

—Denise Crawford, Amazon.com

All the coffee flavors I've tried are very aromatic, rich and flavorful. The espresso capsules all produce a nice crema on top.

—Yarii, Amazon.com

You can't go wrong with this product – good coffee, easy clean up, easy to use, and fast (have an espresso in less than 1 minute and a latte in 2 minutes). Don't forget the milk frother!

—GP, Amazon.com

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