Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo

Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo Review

The Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo review proves that this is an excellent coffee maker. Read on to see if it is also the ebst brand for you.

Price: $169.00
Time to Brew: one minute
Cost per T-disc: $20.50 (8 count package-pack of 2)
Average rating (1 to 5 stars): 4.5 stars
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Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo Review

Bosch is perhaps not one of the brands you can easily associate with coffee makers. Rather, you associate it with mobile phones and other types of electronics. 

The company, however, is doing really well if one talks about appliances. It is also safe to say it is making a huge impact in the area of coffee machines, as customers can now pick among a number of options. One of these is Bosch TAS6515UC. 

Bosch Tassimo Pros

  • Beautiful
  • Single-press system via Tassimo discs (T-discs)
  • Optional filter
  • Large water reservoir

Bosch Tassimo Cons

  • Quite big
  • Expensive


Looking Mighty and Strong

Though appearance should not be much of a factor when it comes to getting a coffee maker, you can’t help but admire, if not dream, you will have it in your kitchen immediately. With its shiny silver sleek design, it definitely projects a very commanding presence without really eating a lot of space on your kitchen counter. It is not that heavy too, so you will be able to bring along its physical goodness to your office or travel. And do you know the coffee maker gives off a blue hue? Yes, so sci-fi and cool. 

All in One Push

Not all single-cup coffee makers are fully automatic—and if they are, their price skyrockets you may no longer want to buy them—but that does not mean you should do a lot of work. That will be defeating the purpose of owning them in the first place. 

The Bosch TAS6515UC coffee maker ensures you can already have a steaming hot cup of coffee by a single press of a button. It is able to accomplish that through its own technology called the Tassimo disc (T disc). 

These T discs are very similar to the capsules of Nescafe or K-cups of Keurig and a couple of other coffee makers that have adopted the company’s technology. The main difference, though, is that the T discs actually contain bar codes, which already contain information such as the drink size, correct temperature, and brewing time. This may mean you have very limited options with regards to how your coffee tastes like, but you would also have just the right settings for your coffee in just one press. 

The Varieties

Bosch does not really produce as much T discs or coffee capsules as other coffee machines in the market. For example, there are already more than 200 K-cups, and majority of them are sold not in several online shops. Nevertheless, whatever options they have, they are the ones regular Joes and Janes drink whether they are at home or in Starbucks and Coffee Bean. We are talking about espresso, brewed coffee, latte macchiato, and cappuccino. You can also use the coffee maker for making tea and preparing hot chocolate. 

Great Drinking Water All the Time

True, this may require a filter, and this may mean spending a few extra dollars for your coffee machine. However, the filter is completely optional. This means you use it only when you are unsure of the quality of water. If you prefer or have been using purified water, you can do away with it and save your money.  

User Reviews

The kids and I got this for my husband for an early Christmas gift. Wonderful machine for a coffee lover. Great for tea and hot chocolate lovers too!


I purchased my first Tassimo last year. I originally had a Keurig but found the coffee temperature was not hot enough. The Tassimo brews an excellent hot cup of coffee and is excellent for expresso and cappucino drinks as well. 



This was the Bosch TAS6515UC Tassimo Review, hope you enjoyed it.

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