Bosch TAS4511UC Tassimo Review

Bosch Tassimo TAS4511UC Review Time to Brew: 1 minute
Cost per T-disc: $20.50/ $15.28 (8-count package – pack of 2)
Average rating (1 to 5 stars): 4.5 stars
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For anyone who likes using Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewers, Bosch TAS4511UC (also other Tassimos) will be highly recommended to be purchased because it will bring you various delicious cups of coffee. Read on the Bosch TAS4511UC Tassimo Review to understand why.



Bosch TAS4511UC Review

Why spend your money on Bosch TAS4511UC? Let’s count the ways:

TAS4511UC Pros

  • More accurate temperature, brewing, and coffee flavor via barcodes (T-discs)
  • Goes on standby mode to save on electricity
  • Works with Starbucks coffee pods
  • Removable stainless steel tray and height-adjustable cup stand
  • Transparent water reservoir
  • Thinner than the other models

TAS4511UC Cons

  • T-discs sometimes rupture
  • No full control over the flavor and other coffee preferences
  • A bit pricey

Barcodes in Your Coffee?

Who doesn’t know barcodes? They’re literally everywhere, but most definitely you don’t expect them to be right in your coffee. Bosch, however, bends the general assumption by incorporating the concept and technology in their coffee machine.

The barcode is actually found in their T discs or capsules, which contain the coffee granules. Like any regular barcode, it contains vital data about the coffee itself: the most recommended brewing time, correct temperature, and flavor, to name a few. This way, when you feed the disc into the coffee maker, you simply have to press a single button. The machine then reads the code and provides you the right amount of coffee with its exact flavor and freshness. 

You don’t want your coffee too strong? You can always interrupt or cut short the brewing process. 

Save on That Precious Energy

Of course, you can never operate this coffee maker unless you plug it to your electrical system. Nevertheless, knowing you have to bring the water to a boil, it consumes more power than your kitchen appliances such as your blender or food processor. 

Fortunately, Bosch has taken into consideration your own electric bill. It still does eat up a good amount of your energy when in use, but when you’re not brewing or making a cup of coffee, it goes into a stand-by mode. This creates a lead time in every brewing process, but it isn’t long. In fact, you only have to wait for a few seconds!

Cappuccino or Latte?

Bosch makes it extremely convenient to have your latte, macchiato, or cappuccino anytime of the day. It’s like being in your well-loved coffee shop at all times. If you don’t want these, you can always select among the many varieties of T discs available. You can even get some hot choco, milk, and tea. 

There’s more pleasant news for you: the coffee maker actually works with Starbucks coffee pods. Yup, you can have your favorite Starbucks drink without having to deal with long queues or equally coffee-crazy customers who love to cut lines. 

Come On, Use the Mug!

Some coffee drinkers use the espresso cups so they can control their caffeine intake. There are also others who are simply traditional: they stick with a cup. But if you are a true-blue coffee drinker, you know these things are not enough for you. You need a mug. 

That’s why the coffee machine has been designed to accommodate large fat mugs anytime you want more of that delicious aromatic caffeine. The stainless steel tray can be removed, and you can adjust the height of the cup stand. 

Check the Water

Surely you’ll feel very frustrated when you’re all ready to brew but realize too late you no longer have water. Bringing it to a boil take some time, after all, and usually 4 minutes seems a long time when you’re absolutely busy. 

It’s such a good thing, therefore, that the water tank is actually transparent so you can really see how much water is left. 

User Reviews

We like the features of this machine. It makes a great cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and about any other hot beverage you might want and is compatible with about any reasonable cup size.

—ABT Electronics

Attractive, easy to use and clean. The excellent variety of TDiscs available insures that you get exactly the hot beverage you desire. this is as close to instant as it gets – without the mess.


When comparing the Tassimo TAS4511UC to the older models, this model has many new features. The new Tassimo is a much more compact design, making it easier to fit in your kitchen or office. Also, the water tanks fit on far better than it’s older brothers.

—One Cup Coffee Titan


Hope you liked the Bosch TAS4511UC Tassimo Review.

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